Our Programs

Our Programs

Family Connections Ministries began in Guatemala City with a food ministry to “street children” at night. This kind of ministry still continues to this day and indeed we plan to expand the work wherever possible. In addition to food distribution, this ministry has also been involved with the collection, sorting and distribution of good used clothing and furniture. FCM has helped individual missionaries and other small ministries financially, and in other ways, when a particular need has come to our attention.

Our deep commitment to the saving of abused and abandoned children from the horrors of life in the streets of the world has led us in the past to establishing refuges/orphanages in various places ourselves. Now this ministry concentrates on assisting small churches/ministries to establish these refuges wherever we can. In this we have often been able to donate clothing, bedding and other items to many small orphanages, particularly in northern Mexico. This is an ongoing and expanding work which takes priority in our planning. The program is named “The House That Love Built”.

We are concerned about the need for medical assistance for needy families in poor circumstances and in underdeveloped and/or “Third World” countries. We hope that in the future we might be able to expand into this area of ministry.

FCM has a deep commitment to Christian Outreach, taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the world. Our plans in this ministry include the establishment of “Free Coffee and Gospel Shops” in various locations in poor countries, particularly in districts where prostitution in all age groups and child drug abuse are much in evidence. These will be staffed by committed local and expatriate Christians, together with professional counsellors.

In Australia, FCM has opened a very successful refuge under the banner “Tranquillity House,” which targets tired pastors, returning missionaries and respite care workers, giving them a place where they can “wind down and get away from it all” for a short period of time. This program is so successful we are planning to extend the concept to other locations in Australia and other countries.